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Join our family and let’s birth this film!!

Can birth be enjoyable and comfortable for all? Created as a result of Liat's life-changing HypnoBirthing experience, Fear and Now will unprecedentedly challenge our fear-based birth narrative and reproductive injustices while exploring potential solutions offered by the practice of HypnoBirthing.

HypnoBirthing is proven to profoundly benefit ALL types of births, including surgical births. Fear and Now is the FIRST film dedicated to highlighting the impact of HypnoBirthing, the most misconceived birth preparation method, on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Let's shine some light together!!

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Fear and Now is a groundbreaking documentary feature film in production that will open our society's eyes to the power of HypnoBirthing. The film was born out of creator Liat Ron's life-changing birthing experience of her second child four years ago.

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With a debilitating lifelong phobia of giving birth, Liat’s first birth of her daughter was traumatic despite her attempts to properly prepare. Her second pregnancy added a new level of fear as she was unbearably anxious about having to repeat the various interventions she’d endured during her first birth. In her third trimester she stumbled upon a HypnoBirthing book in Barnes & Noble and decided to take a class, not because she believed HypnoBirthing was possible, but because she felt like she had nothing to lose. Liat went on to have an enjoyable, comfortable, intervention-free hospital birth of a 9.6 lbs baby boy and it was as pain-free as can be. Fear and Now started out as a mission to discover whether her experience was the rare miracle it  appeared to be or simply a typical HypnoBirth. After a couple of years of massive research, she learned that her second birth had not been pure luck. It was just the normal result of HypnoBirthing practice, which she was led to believe was the best kept secret in the birthing world. With that realization, many new questions appeared, compelling her to create a documentary film that would answer them all.

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In 2020 Liat joined forces with Sundance winner, cinematographer Shachar Langlev and together, even during the most challenging days of the pandemic (while navigating the complexities of family life with two small children each) we have been passionately capturing never-before-seen footage that will shock and shake up the birthing world. We believe that the pandemic has actually pushed us to our highest levels of creativity and determination. As you can probably tell, we are unstoppable.

And with you as our supporters, we will be able to continue working our hardest to share the best kept secret in the birthing world in the most down-to-earth, entertaining, exciting, artistic, evidence-based ways. Join us in bringing our film to life!! We are so excited to have you on board and we are committed to making you proud!

We plan to challenge and change our fear-based birth narrative while exploring the role of social justice and education in our reproductive past, present and future. Fear and Now also follows the progress and realization of a collaborative initiative with the HypnoBirthing Institute to customize a childbirth preparation program for Black women in the US, an initiative aiming to improve their birth experience and outcomes.


What on Earth is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a birth preparation method, which puts the birthing person in control and in charge of their birthing process, leading people to having safe, gentle, enjoyable and very possibly pain-free births by using practical techniques to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle. The practice of HypnoBirthing has been proven to profoundly benefit ALL types of birth, including births that require medical intervention, induced births and surgical births. Fear and Now is first film dedicated to illuminating the impact of HypnoBirthing on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

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Our passion and ambition have indeed taken us quite far! Our production was initially self-funded, and we miraculously managed to keep our costs to a minimum while maintaining a team of just the two of us. Even though we do take pride in making the impossible happen, we cannot continue filming, not to mention complete our production, without raising the funds to meet our budget goals. Our current needs are to hire a support team, including a brilliant editor, cover our travel expenses and rent/buy essential equipment, just to name a few. We cannot reach these goals without you. Please support us in any way you can! 

The world is full of darkness. Let's shine some light! 

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