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A documentary feature film challenging our fear-based birth culture

Produced & Directed


Liat Ron


Currently in post-production, Fear and Now is a documentary feature film that challenges the fear-based birth culture and birth injustices in the United States while exploring solutions offered by the practice of HypnoBirthing, the best-kept secret

in the birthing world.


Developed as a direct result of director Liat Ron’s life-changing experience of birthing her second child, Fear and Now aims to open mainstream's eyes to HypnoBirthing education and its power to improve birth and birth outcomes for all. This birth preparation method, which puts the birthing person in control and in charge of their birthing process, leads people to having safe, gentle, enjoyable and very possibly pain-free births by using practical techniques to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle. The practice of HypnoBirthing has been proven to profoundly benefit ALL types of birth, including surgical births.


Fear and Now is the FIRST film dedicated to highlighting the impact of HypnoBirthing, the most misconceived birth preparation method, on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Fear and Now is fiscally sponsored by 

From the Heart Productions, Inc.

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